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  • Hotel Calaluna Tulum en México

The Riviera Maya has more than just beaches and sunshine. Enjoy the richness and beauty that Mother Nature has distributed all along the Riviera Maya

Swimming with dolphins

  • Hotel Calaluna Tulum México Delfines Actividades

Several locations along the Riviera Maya have been carefully designed and are run professionally and dedicatedly to offer you a unique opportunity to swim with dolphins!

Protection of sea turtles

few places in the world allow you to "live" this unique experience, in our beach, you will witness the birth of the turtles and help them start a new life in the sea !!
do not miss this unique and exciting opportunity ....

  • Hotel Calaluna Tulum en México Playa tortuguitas

We have several places along the Riviera Maya that have been declared the Shrine of the Sea Turtles, like Tulum and Xcacel. And 'possible, in the period of hatching eggs that goes from August to late October, you can get to see the turtles on our beaches to lay their eggs and to help the new born turtles to get to the sea, is really a unique feeling.

Natural Parks

  • Hotel Calaluna Tulum en México XHEL HA

Xcaret is a great nature theme park on the coast, loaded with attractions: snorkel in the underground river, visit the aquarium, swim with dolphins, enjoy the butterfly exhibit, visit a Mayan village, stroll along the beach, and much more. Then, experience Xcaret at night, with a Mayan ceremonial dance by firelight dry cave and an amphitheater to take in regional music and dancing from around Mexico.
Xel-Ha explores a natural wonder. The waters of Xel-Ha are a combination of salt water from the seas and freshwater from the underground rivers. This provides a habitat for a variety of fish, birds and other wildlife. You can enjoy snorkeling, tubing, biking and just walking around this beautiful area.

  • Hotel Calaluna Tulum en México aktun chen

Aktun Chen, you won't want to miss this cave! A walk through Aktun Chen is as close to "dry cave diving" as you'll get. It’s a great example of the extensive caves in the area. The variety and number of stalactites is staggering! The park has an area of 400 Ha/ 988 acres of unexplored sub-tropical rainforest and exotic wildlife.