Tulum the place that our ancestors chose to build one of the most beautiful ruins of the Mayan legacy.

Tulum is magic and you can find it when diving its cenotes of crystalline water, when seeing its freshwater springs, when exploring its majestic wall of corals, or its jungle, refuge of an enormous diversity of animals and plants.

Packed with cultural and natural activities, Tulum will not allow you to get bored and you will have many other things to discover on your next vacation.


Snorkeling in the wonderful Great Reef of the Riviera Maya or in the caves and cenotes of Yucatan is something that has to be lived at least once in a lifetime ...

Discover the attractions that Tulum offers.

Kite surf

Once you experience kite surfing, you'll never be the same again! For all those people who are looking for adrenaline, fun and new activities, kite surfing will be the ideal sport on their vacations in Tulum!


The Riviera Maya is a paradise for diving. Tulum is the perfect destination for divers of all levels and experience. Dive along the largest coral reef in the western hemisphere. All types of diving are advised to carry the patent with them.

Diving in Cenote

There is no area in the world with as many underwater caves as the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula. Tulum is the perfect place for your vacation and for memorable cave diving experiences.

Reef Diving

With spectacular coral formations and tropical sponges, the Great Mayan Reef is a natural refuge for sea turtles, dolphins, sea horses, and a multitude of other sea creatures. Find out.