Travel Update COVID-19



To guarantee the health and safety of our guests, the protocols that we follow in Calaluna are based on the current official guidelines issued by the authorities. These protocols are implemented in all the procedures and services that the hotel offers to our guests.

Even during these difficult times, we strive to provide excellent service to all of our guests while ensuring the highest possible hygiene standards. In doing so, we comply with all official guidelines and hygiene standards issued by the government. Our staff have received training on the implementation of this hygiene code through an independent certification body, approved by the authorities.


Our management team has also been trained and certified in accordance with official procedures and has developed a specific action plan to address potential COVID-19 cases, which will be readjusted as necessary. We have implemented all appropriate safety measures, such as gloves and masks, and will continue to adhere to hygiene guidelines such as safe distance and regular disinfection.


All arrival and departure processes are carried out quickly, safely and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). Guests are escorted to their rooms through all protection and disinfection guidelines that can be followed at each transfer.


To ensure the comfort and safety of all guests, each room is thoroughly cleaned with each new arrival, using not only proper detergents and disinfectants, but essential equipment as well. In addition, all rooms are sufficiently ventilated. Antiseptic gel is available to all guests. Every month we have a DISINFECTION SERVICE CERTIFICATE, which certifies that if a disinfection service is performed.


We ask our guests to follow the requests of the staff and to respect the rules of social distancing of 1.5 meters between groups, with the exception of companions and family members, as directed by the authorities. Constantly use the masks in the air from the reception. In order to provide a safe environment for all guests, only those staying at Calaluna are allowed to enter.


The whole team at Calaluna has been working relentlessly to implement these comprehensive protection measures to ensure that all our guests can have a relaxed and worry-free stay in a safe and laid-back atmosphere. However, the success of our efforts relies on teamwork. So we hope that you acknowledge the previously mentioned rules and recommendations, and help us with making Calaluna a safe and relaxing place for all of us.

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